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DaVindy Ballroom (mockup)
A while back, I attended a Christmas party on the arm of my wife. The event was held in a neat old building owned by a couple who used the space for dancing classes. I enjoyed talking to the owners, who mentioned that their web page wasn't cutting it. On a whim I knocked together a new design for them, but by the time I got around to contacting them about it they had sold to new owners.
An Odd Nut (mockup)
Just a blog layout I thought was interesting but never really did anything with.
Line Height Calculator
For a while, I got really anal retentive about trying to maintain precise rhythm in my page typography. This is a little bit of javascript I put together to help the heavy lifting along.
@font-face demo
While the debate rages among web designers and font designers as to whether or not the ability to directly embed TrueType fonts using CSS rules, I wanted to try my hand to see how it works. You'll need Firefox 3.1 or Safari 3.x to see this as it's intended.