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If I remember correctly, I was in first grade when Mom and Dad bought me my Schwinn spyder bike with the burnt orange metallic paint job, white metallic banana seat, and three-speed with the shift lever on the crossbar. More than twenty years since that orange beauty went out to pasture I bought myself a new bike.
Genealogy: Getting in Touch With the Past
When I was a kid, I remember Christmas visits to the houses of lots of people who were, I was told, my aunts and uncles. It was only in 1995, when I got involved with my dad's family history research, that I began to understand just how these people were related to me. I've been hooked ever since.
Horology: Treasures That Tick
Somewhere along the line, people started giving Uncle Carl the filthy, broken-down clocks that they discovered in their attics or basements. He'd apply his ingenuity and a bit of elbow grease, and before long they were ticking along and sitting pretty on the mantel, or on a bracket, or hanging on a wall.
Because there just aren't enough opportunities for humiliation in my everyday life. My lovely bride first got me to step up to the microphone on a dare, but the karaoke outings became a good an acceptable excuse to get out of the house and drink beer. As an exercise to experiment with server-side scripting and databases, I put together a list of all the songs I've performed (to mixed reviews) in public.