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The Story of Copperosity  UPDATE!!
If you've reached this point and are still wondering what the heck 'copperosity' means, then you probably didn't bother to follow the 'more...' link from its definition on the main page. That's okay; I tend not to follow those things either. If you are curious, though, consider this your second chance:
Warm Fuzzies
When this site went through its most recent metamorphosis, I dropped the page about the various cats that have hung around my house, over the years, and several of you apparently missed it enough to send me e-mail asking where it went. Well, wonder no more; it's back, and better than ever!

Also, check out An Open Letter To My Pets, which I didn't write, but could have.

Hauntedween: the movie
According to Andy Warhol, each of us can figure on about 15 minutes of fame. I don't know how Andy defined fame, but I figure I can account for about a minute of my allotment. In the spring of 1989, a couple of my younger female acquaintances suddenly became very interested in getting 8"x10" black and white glossy photos made. When I asked what the flap was about, they told me that some film producer was going to shoot a low-budget horror flick in Bowling Green.
"When Clowns Go Bad"
My contribution to the blues, inspired by a Far Side cartoon.
"Alice's Restaurant"
A transcription of the classic Arlo Guthrie "rap".
A Dallas/Ft. Worth Commuter's Primer
When I moved from my Dallas apartment to a house in the 'burbs', I knew that part of the price I'd pay for having my own space and not having to dodge bullets would be the daily commute to and from work. "I can do this," I thought to myself. "Lots of people do it every day."
Notable Quotes
Some things are better left unsaid; others end up collected on a web page, where I can find them.