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Mike's Ride Log

2003 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
2006 Bacchetta Corsa
  Ride Summary
27.Jan.2018 - 06.Jul.2019
  Road Bike Mountain Bike
Miles:  74.52 387.91
Avg. Miles:  10.60 8.80
Avg. Speed:  11.10 11.00
Rides/Week  0.09 0.59
Total Miles:  462.43  
Total Indoor Miles:  0.00  
Total Indoor Time:  00:00  

Bless me, Lance, for I have slacked. It has been days since my last ride.

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06.Jul.201911.9013.50/0'52"Bacchetta CorsaPavementWx
 Mustang trail loop, sort of
 Iron Eagle / Mustang trail
 Mustang trail loop. Knee behaved, and it was a pleasant ride, if a bit windy. Rescued a turtle and woke two ducks sleeping in the middle of the trail. Shooed them off to the side, to loud quacking indignation.
 Perfect weather but a bit of an adventure, what with fallen trees, slimy mud, and barely restrained dogs.
 Mustang trail loop. The problem I've experienced with my left knee worked itself out after the first mile or so. That's encouraging.
 First ride in a long while. Went out for a bit with Cheryl and discovered a new problem with one of my knees.
 Mustang Trail. Wasn't feeling well on return leg.
 Neighborhood ride between rain
 Mustang trail. Sketchy, what with wind, slimy mud, and oblivious dog walkers.
 School ride with the Koventry Kings