He threatens the innocent who spares the guilty.

In Power Armor
Bashar Schwinghammer, wolf lord. Born Johanne Henrik Schwinghammer, he believes that he is the reincarnation of an ancient dwarf named Bashar, a fearless warrior who lived in the Black Forest region of Earth's 9th century Europe. It is no coincidence that the favored weapon of the wolf lord's namesake was a miner's maul. Most of Schwinghammer's men do not credit their lord's claims to transmigratory lineage, but respect his courage and leadership ability.
Bashar's Long Fang sergeant. A hoary veteran of countless battles, he has outlived several lords, stubbornly turning aside numerous attempts to get him to turn in his "lucky armor" for something more current.
G.M. Goodwrench, iron priest. Only the priest himself knows what his initials stand for; your guess is as good as anyone's.
Brother Magnus, Space Wolves dreadnought. While still a youth, Jan Magnussen singlehandedly slew a minotaur, as he and a group of Fenrisian bondsmen defended their planet against invading Chaos forces. Jan was mortally wounded in his battle with the monster and would have died there, but for a wolf priest who witnessed his victory over the minotaur, retrieved him, and implanted him with the Space Wolves gene seed. To this day, the minotaur's head is kept as a trophy in the Fang. When, after centuries of faithful service, his health failed, Magnussen was made a chapter dreadnought, upon which the Iron Priests have mounted a fascimile of the trophy from his legendary battle. (The actual head is still safe in the Fang.)
Wolf Guard
Special Characters
Durfast of Mordrak
Rune Lord Njal Stormcaller and Nightwing the cyber raven.
Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer.

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