Space Wolves 7th Great Company

Durus Eculeus

Spoetzl the Gyrinx (see Christian Augst's 3rd edition house rules)

Calis, the Eternal Flame Calis, the Eternal Flame Capt. Dallas Ramada Capt. Dallas Ramada, 2nd Co.
Marion Brock Codicer Marion Brock Father Xavier Padilla Father Xavier Padilla
Epistolary Kaspar Epistolary Kaspar

Kaspar's Command Squad

Epistolary Kaspar (née "Melantha Briadis") is the illegitimate daughter of Cleansing Flames Master Durus Eculeus. When Melantha's psychic abilities began to manifest at the onset of puberty, Eculeus conspired to save her from the Black Ships by placing her into fosterage under the care of Wolf Lord Bashar Schwinghammer. On Fenris, she was trained in the use of her abilities by the rune priests of the Space Wolves' 7th Great Company.

After a decade and a half of training, she took her place alongside her adoptive wolf brothers in Ranthe Firemane's blood claw pack. Over the ensuing years, "Antha Short Fangs" became a much-respected fixture on the 7th Great Company's field of battle, her accomplishments made all the more impressive for her lack of the genetic enhancements shared by all adepts of the Astartes. Such is the depth of her psychic talents.

During Melantha's 35th year, she was ordered back to Luzerna, the home planet of the Cleansing Flames. So closely had she bonded with her adoptive packmates that three of the Space Wolves--Ranthe Firemane, Hurkur the Poet, and Agmar--left their packs and followed her to Luzerna to serve as members of her personal guard. The three Wolves now wear the colors of the Cleansing Flames but, along with Melantha herself, retain some of the traditional markings and talismans of the Space Wolves.* Her guard is rounded out by Brothers Sibrian (an apothecary) and Salvus (a techmarine), both men having proven their loyalty and trustworthiness to Durus Eculeus over long years of service.

"Brother" Kaspar is shown here with her command squad during a training exercise on Luzerna.

* To the considerable annoyance of detractors such as Codicer Marion Brock. Though Brock does not know Melantha/Kaspar's secret, he is covetous of the epistolary's position within the chapter and the favor shown by Master Eculeus and is a potentially dangerous adversary.


1st Company (Veteran Company)

Vindictus, front Brother-ancient Vindictus (a.k.a., "Old No. 7") Vindictus, side
Here we have an ancient and very rare image of Old No. 7's great-great-granddreadnought, taken while on ski holiday.

(Just kidding.)

Brother-Ancient Novus

The Misfits (2nd Terminator Tacticals)

These are some of the very first miniatures I painted when I started playing 40K. Aside from their special kneepads, they haven't any fancy conversions, highlighting, or even their proper insignia; but I keep them around because... well, a 5+ invulnerable save is still a 5+ invulnerable save, and because people seem to get a kick (no pun intended) out of Brother Dupuis.

Sarge Sgt. Victor Culebra ("Sarge") Eightball Brother Drake Stone ("Eight Ball")
Boo Boo (front)
Boo Boo (back)
Brother Erwin Dupuis ("Boo Boo"), damage magnet and the target of numerous practical jokes. Oh, those zany, madcap space marines... Zeke Ezekial Wöhlwendt ("Zeke")
Brother Jack Smiley ("Smiley") Luna Brother Jakob Potranco ("Luna")

5th Terminator Assault squad

5th Terminator Assault


2nd Company

Brother-ancient Lucien      
"After cleaning up the Dark Eldar on Corelli VI, 2nd Company's dustoff was delayed and Lucien took the notion to go exploring. He talked one of the scouts sent to find him into taking this shot in the foothils around Menchhoffen, where they found him bellowing (of all ridiculous things) a battle hymn in some indecipherable ancient tongue. All the scouts could recall of it when asked was 'fal-de-ree, fal-de-rah' and something about a 'knapsack'.

"This image scanned from the hardcopy shows a handwritten note that Lucien had one of the scouts scrawl on it, as if anyone could actually believe he'd done it himself."

--Raymond Vaque, techmarine


The Pit Bulls (members of 3d Assault)

Sgt. Chastain Manassas Brother Chastain Manassas, Veteran Sergeant
  Brother Barabbas "The Butcher"



Ephraim Spork's Robot Maniple
I have at least one of each model robot and will eventually get them all painted and fieldable using Christian Augst's 3rd edition robot rules. I have yet to complete the Colossus, Cataphract, and Crusader models.

And yes, I know that, according to one of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels, it's heresy to use robots. Well, I think the models look cool and enjoyed painting them, so let's do try and cope with a minimum of embarrassing hystrionics, shall we?

Ephraim Spork, Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest
Conquerer robot (a.k.a., "Big Unit"), equipped with 'autocannon', heavy bolter, and power fist. Castellan robot equipped with bolter, multi-melta, and power fist.