Space Wolves 7th Great Company

Chapter Fluff

Lucien the Laughing Dreadnought
Short bits of fiction featuring the Cleansing Flames' most unusual dreadnought.
1. Brothers at Arms
Lucien demonstrates that even a dried-up husk can be a difficult patient
2. Brothers at Odds
Lucien cleans up in the aftermath of a Dark Eldar raid.
Brother Barabbas and three other members of 3rd Assault are rescued from hive world Lodi by a righteous Imperial Guard Commissar and his men.
"Prodigy" (work-in-progress; updated 4 Oct 1999)
The story of how a young, psychically gifted girl was saved from the Black Ships. And how!
An archeotech hunter gets a hard lesson in the law of the jungle. (This was inspired by characters I'm cooking up for the upcoming Inquisitor release and hasn't got anything to do with the Cleansing Flames, but where else am I going to put it?)
Guest Appearances
Stories by other authors featuring guest appearances by Cleansing Flames characters.
1. "The Loyalty of the Astartes"
A junior librarian and an inquisitor debate theology with Lord Liche. A Void Phantoms story by .
2. "Thrice Wise".
Even in the 41st millennium, wise men gather and wait for a guiding star. A Void Phantoms story by .
3. "A Knife in the Darkness" (work-in-progress).
A cameo- and action-packed sequel to "Deliverance" (see above). Written by .
4. "Prodigal_Flame".
Lord Liche visits Luzerna to deliver a very unusual birthday greeting. Written by .